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The KVSC Story

It’s all about the Kids! Everything we do centers around what’s best for kids! 


So, what are our kids going to do this summer after taking a couple weeks off from school to relax and then discovering that they still have two full months of summer! That was a question that kept coming up with parents who were starting to plan for their kids’ summer, knowing that the available options this year would be limited.

As a passionate educator, and someone who cares deeply about kids, I knew there had to be an answer, and so, the idea of a Kids Virtual Summer Camp (KVSC) was born to meet the needs of kids this summer and to ensure that they are learning and having fun all at the same time! What started out as just an idea, has now grown into a reality and we are so excited to be launching what promises to be an incredible summer for your kids,
“Growing their Passions & Creating Virtual Memories!”


My journey as an educator has given me the opportunity to teach MS English/Social Studies for many years, and to have the privilege of being the Elementary/Middle School Principal at Schutz American School in Alexandria, Egypt, and most recently an educational consultant working with some of the top schools in the region. Throughout my career as an educator, I have been blessed with knowing the most amazing administrators, teachers, parents, and students! I continue to find joy in these relationships and am proud of the difference that we have made together in the lives of our students and their families! 


I am proud of our KVSC organizing team who has tirelessly worked to provide a unique opportunity for your children to learn valuable skills and make new friends through virtual programs that promise to be challenging, educational, and fun! Our KVSC mission is to nurture the minds of our wonderful youth and encourage them to discover new interests, pursue their passions, and build their self-confidence, all while having fun!


We have an incredible variety of activities through engaging virtual learning courses for kids ages 5-13. All virtual classes are led by our talented team of teachers who will teach students through live discussions, project based learning, hands-on activities, and develop students’ skills in teamwork, problem solving, creativity, communication, positive self-esteem, confidence, and FUN! Our classes focus on the arts, English, health & wellness, life skills, math, music, science, social studies, technology, and world languages. 


I wish you the most wonderful summer of fun-filled learning as part of our KVSC family!


“Make it a great learning Kids Virtual Summer Camp experience or not, the choice is yours!”




Mrs. Randa Shoeb
Passionate Educator

KVSC Director

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