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Drawing, Painting

Nada is British/Egyptian artist based in London who grew up between both cultures. She graduated with an MA in Painting from the Slade School of Fine Art at UCL in 2018 and received her BA from Kingston University. She also teaches art and painting part-time, and has lead several art workshops online and on-sites including at the American University in Cairo. Her personal history is her primary work material dealing with loss, traces of memories and fiction. While painting remains at the core of my practice, she also incorporates drawing, animation and tapestry projects in conversation with the painterly medium. Painting is an ongoing investigation on how to tackle the topic of longing. It allows Nada to tell stories that are universal and relatable to anyone who experienced parting, as she tries to express how she feels about the in-between she inhabits. The artistic process therefore helps provide nuanced reflections, both from an autobiographical and a fictional perspective. Her work has been exhibited in London, Thessaloniki, Milan, Alexandria, Cairo and Guayaquil. *you can view her work on her website;

Nada ElKalaawy: TeamMember
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